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Welcome to An Coder Nua, a site that aims to assist the beginner and intermediate Java programmer. Although the site is still evolving, we hope that you will find some help or inspiration to develop your coding ability.

Hi and welcome. My name is Eugene O’ Regan. I have taught Java in various roles over the past 10 years. I have worked as an in-class instructor and an online teacher, delivering courses primarily aimed at beginners to intermediate programmers. I have also taught other ICT based topics (Android/Mobile App Development, C/C++, Operating Systems, DSS, DBMS, ECDL/MOS ) and I am extremely passionate about the effective delivery of education methods. It is this experience that has lead me to the idea of creating this site, as the first tentative step in the process of assisting others (and myself) learn the skills to become better programmers.


it is the most effective means of learning. The thinking is worse than the doing, so if feeling unmotivated, just try to do five minutes of writing one line of code.
If you find something useful, share it with colleagues.
If in a class, you may be strong in other areas than programming. Identify people strong in programming and offer to help them in areas other than programming as you become more adept at coding.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice. Everyone had to start at some point and had to ask questions.


This site was developed to assist beginner Java programmers in dealing with the difficulties associated with the complex topics encountered when starting Java programming. These learners would include 3rd level students, jobseekers on retraining programs or, in a very recent development, Coder Dojo students. I feel that the complexities of Java can get in the way of basic problem solving and ultimately lead to potential programmers deciding not to continue in their pursuit. Thus, if there was a way to show this group methods to break down the requirements given to them and to rebuild them in the form of working code, they may wish to stay. I am hoping that this site is a positive step in addressing this issue.

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